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Asda Shrewsbury Superstore
"Asda Shrewsbury is part of the Asda group; one of Britain’s leading grocery retailers. Asda offers great prices and quality products helping customers save money & live better. Visit us in-store and get groceries delivered to anywhere in the UK, or collect from your local store or petrol station at a convenient time for you."
Address: Old Potts Way, Shrewsbury SY3 7ET, UK
Phone: 01743 276800
State: Shropshire
City: Shrewsbury
Zip Code: SY3 7ET

opening times

Monday: 7:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Tuesday: 7:30 AM – 10:00 PM
Wednesday: 7:30 AM – 10:00 PM
Thursday: 7:30 AM – 10:00 PM
Friday: 7:30 AM – 10:00 PM
Saturday: 7:30 AM – 10:00 PM
Sunday: 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

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Went to fuel up at 9:45. I think the Asda staff was closing the petrol station. I gently asked him twice if he could let me re-fuel as I have only little bit of fuel left. He refused. It the way he refused was really bad. Really aggressive. And keep telling me I’m middle of the road keep making my way when I’m in the lane to get in to petrol station asking him patiently. When I told him lower his gaze and why is being aggressive when I’m talking to him gently. Within that time couple of more people came to fuel up. And he changed his word saying I told you I will let you in and when he clearly didn’t say that. It is awful how Asda staff members behaviour is and specifically older ones. Please if any managing team can you kindly re-supervise your staff members as they don’t know how to talk to customers.
This isn’t a complaint about the store, more so about my shocking experience applying for a role as an Online Service Assistant. Long story short, I have been misled and lied to multiple times by the manager of this department. I’ve been rang and invited into store multiple times to only get turned away on the day again multiple times. I’m actually relived about not getting this job because if that’s how a department is run then god help them. There is more I could say but I will spare everyone of the details. I wanted to complain via a HR department but it seems there isn’t a complaints process, convenient! Tasha, thank you for responding - however I'd rather not reveal names on a public forum, please could we pick this up offline.
Staff are great first and foremost. The 1 star is for asda the company not this store. Rewards app is the worst supermarket app out there . Their customer service is appalling when you try to get help on the app. Do yourself a favour and save money at other supermarkets where the app works and in this current climate you can actually save. We did and haven't looked back at Asda. Terrible attitude and amateur hour coding on app.
Brought an indian takeaway bag for two, from Shrewsbury store, left it until christmas eve to have it, opened the pack and curry all inside bag and not in plastic tub. Bit frustrating as I brought it the day before and store closed early so then couldnt take it back. Just binned it as didn't trust it would be safe to eat.
Prices are creeping up as they are with every store, but even their asda branded items are sometimes more expensive than the actual Branded ones. Also, charging 30p for a bag is insane!
Some of their staff are lovely, but some are unhelpful and obnoxious. One of the more friendly members of staff recently said to me "Asda don't care about us, and they don't care about their customers either." So this is probably reflected in the attitude some of the staff show towards customers.
Third time ordered through Just Eat, third time more than one item missing from order. Just Eat only refunded one item, can’t get through to anyone that wants to help me. Out of pocket and frustrated. This is a review for those experiences only. In store staff are great, helpful, polite etc. Sort out your customer services with regard to Just Eat though. Appalling. They refer you to Asda with a phone number that is useless. Calling store doesn’t work either. If anyone from Asda reads this and would like to contact me to sort my issue, I’d be grateful.
I was picked for check as I am self scan.that is fine but they hold my troley bring me to a till rescan everything that never happened before.in their mind I MUST a thief.I said that really waste time and I been told can go without stuff if I am in a rush.That is very rude and ridiculous .finally they offer me 5% discount but I refused.people need respect and trust not your few pounds.I will go tesco instead asda.
Absolutely love working at Asda however the only thing that is letting me down at the moment as a porter at the store is the fact that the customers are just dumping their trollies all over the car park and I have other customers complain at me and my fellow colleagues saying how untidy our car park is so please customers do me and my colleagues a favour and pop your trollies in the trolley bays required please thank you for your time and understanding.
As soon as I entered Asda, they welcomed me with a hug. It was pretty cool, because of all the lockdowns I was missing physical intimacy with anyone but the this Asda was like "No, we treat our customers with warmth". Only supermarket giving out hugs during peak COVID lockdowns.
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Reviews, get directions and contact details Asda Shrewsbury Superstore.

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